Virtual Attendance

Attending the Conference

Conference registrants will receive links for Zoom webinars. If a registrant has not received Zoom links by November 20, please email us at

ACPA Member registrants will also be invited to join a Slack channel for the conference. Slack is a professional communication interface that will facilitate conversation among conference participants. The conference papers are made available for registered participants to read in advance on Slack. You can access Slack from a web browser or using an app on a desktop or mobile device. If you have not previously used Slack, you will need to register an account with Slack in order to access the ACPA Slack channel. Please register using your first and last name, so that we can check those who join the Slack channel against the list of registered attendees. If an ACPA member registrant has not received an invitation to join our Slack channel within a day of registration, please email us at

Navigating Slack - ACPA Conference

Channels: the way slack communication is divided

A Slack "channel" starts with a #, and represents a unique conversation related to the channel's name. For example, the channel "#fridaypaper1-cherny" will host discussions related to "A Defense of Robert Nozick's Theory of the Meaning of Life" by Joseph Cherny.

Click the channel name to start or see the conversation in progress.

The channel #general is meant for general conference related news. The channel #socialhour is for conversation and for sharing links to Zoom meetings during the social hours in the schedule.

Dialogue Box: Sending Messages

Join the conversation! Enter text in the dialogue box to be part of the Slack "thread" and contribute to the discussion.

You can also message other conference attendees directly by clicking on their name in the Direct Messages list below the channel list.