Satellite Saturdays

On occasional Saturdays throughout academic year 2020-2021, the ACPA will sponsor and host standalone satellite sessions. Please see the current schedule of Satellite Saturdays below, and find a registration form for ACPA Satellite Saturdays at the bottom of this page. If your philosophical society affiliated with the ACPA is interested in scheduling a Satellite Saturday, please contact us at

Upcoming Sessions:

Saturday, March 27, 10am-12noon ET

"Phenomenological Approaches to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful"

James Swindal, "A Phenomenological Argument for the Truth of the Material Basis of Eucharistic Action"

Duquesne University

George Heffernan, "Weltanschauung or Weltauffassung? Stein's Critique of Husserl's Transcendental Idealism"

Merrimack College

John Crosby, "The Phenomenological Aesthetics of Dietrich von Hildebrand"

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Chair: Michael Bowler

Organized by Michael Bowler, Mirela Oliva, and George Heffernan, for Catholicism and Phenomenology

Saturday, March 27, 1pm-3pm ET

"Pascal, Lyotard, and Aquinas"

Joseph Trabbic, "Lyotard, Metanarratives, and Thomistic Philosophical Theology

Ave Maria University

Evan Stambaugh, "Does God Only Give Grace to the Elect? A Thomistic Response to Pascal's Treatment of Grace in the Provincial Letters"

Graduate student, Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas (Houston)

Chair: D.C. Schindler

Organizers: Mirela Oliva and Joseph G. Trabbic, for the Aquinas and Postmodernity Project

Past sessions:

Saturday, December 5, 3pm ET

Society for Thomistic Personalism: "Moral Truth and Methodology"

Speaker 1: M.T. Lu (University of St. Thomas, MN), "John Paul II and Moral Truth"

Speaker 2: Barry David (Ave Maria University), "Wojtyla's Augustinian-Thomistic Personalism in Man in the Field of Responsibility"

Organized by R. Mary Hayden Lemmons (University of St. Thomas, MN)

Chaired by James M. Jacobs (Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans)

Saturday, December 12, 3pm ET

The Lonergan Philosophical Society: "The True and the Good in Lonergan's Critical Realism"

Speaker 1: Clayton Shoppa (St. Francis College, Brooklyn), "Intentionality Analysis and Transcendental Truth"

Speaker 2: Eric Morelli (Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego), "The Notion of Value: Lonergan beyond Scheler"

Organized and chaired by: Michael Sharkey, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Saturday, February 6, 3pm ET

"Fr. Schall on Islam"

Speaker 1: R.E. Houser (University of St. Thomas, Houston), "Surah 7 and Revelation"

Speaker 2: Steven Striby (University of St. Thomas, Houston), "The Qur'an and Jihad"

Speaker 3: Edward Macierowski (Benedictine College), "Voluntarism and Christian-Muslim Dialogue"

Organized by Steven Striby (University of St. Thomas, Houston)

Chaired by Keaton Lambert (University of St. Thomas, Houston)

Saturday, March 6, 5pm ET

"Why a Catholic Education at all? Visions from the Past and Applications to the Present”

Janice Chik Breidenbach, “The Paradox of Faith and Freedom: Can Catholic Education Be Pluralistic?”

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ave Maria University

Associate Member, Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford

Joshua Hinchie, S.J., “Knowledge for What? Newman and Ignatius on a University's End”

Graduate student, Loyola University Chicago

David McPherson, "Keeping Faith in an Age of Secularization: How Can Catholics Universities Help? How Do They Harm?"

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Creighton University

Chair: Joe Vukov, Loyola University Chicago

Organizer: Loyola University Chicago Working Group on Catholic Higher Education

Contact person: Naomi Fisher, Loyola University Chicago